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Allergies and the Great Outdoors

Allergies and the Great Outdoors

Don't let allergies keep you from getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors! Learn how to control your allergies so that you can enjoy an active life. With a little know-how and some practical advice, you can breathe easy and remain allergy-free.

Enjoying an active life outside

Being prepared is the key to effective allergy control. Find out how you can enjoy a morning trimming the roses in the garden, an afternoon hiking in the mountains, or an evening playing golf. more

Pack your bags and your allergy medications

Travelling with allergies requires special preparation. Forgetting the basics could result in a trip filled with allergy symptoms rather than good memories. more

Little bites, big pains

Insect bites are another type of allergy found in the outdoors. Protect yourself from bugs and bites, and a potential allergic reaction. The ingredient DEET, found in bug repellent, protects from bites from some, but not all, insects. People with an identified serious allergy should wear a MedicAlert bracelet and carry an EpiPen. more

Leaves of three aren't itch-free!

While most people associate allergies with sniffling noses and watery eyes, another kind of allergy is contact dermatitis – the poison ivy reaction. more

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