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COVID-19: Overview, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

COVID-19: Overview, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Find out more information about COVID-19 and its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a newly identified infectious disease that is part of the larger family of viruses called Coronavirus. more

Symptoms of COVID-19

COVID-19 symptoms may range from little-to-no symptoms to severe illness and death. Most symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually up to 14 days after exposure. more

Diagnosis of COVID-19

Coronavirus infections are diagnosed by a health care provider based on symptoms and are confirmed through a laboratory test. Your doctor may take samples including saliva (sputum), a nasal swab, and a throat swab. more

Treatment of COVID-19

Most people with mild illness will recover without treatment. However, some over-the-counter medications may be used to help provide comfort and alleviate symptoms of COVID-19. more

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