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The Air We Breathe: Is It Safe?

The Air We Breathe: Is It Safe?

Have you ever wondered how clean the air is on a typical, hot smoggy day? When it gets that uncomfortable, how safe is it to go outside?

What is smog?

Can the air we breathe make us sick? Find out about the harmful effects of smog. more

How can smog harm my health?

You have heard about how smog and air pollution harm our environment. Do you know how smog can harm your health? more

How can I tell if it's smoggy?

The more you know about how air quality is measured, the better you'll be able understand the terms "Smog Alert" and "Smog Watch." In this section, learn how you can find out about smog levels in your area. more

How can I protect myself against smog?

What can you do about the air you breathe? There are easy ways to protect yourself against smog and air pollution. Find out what they are! more

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