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Wintertime Health and Safety

Wintertime Health and Safety

Winter is a wonderful time of the year – except for winter driving, endless snow shovelling, winter sport injuries, chapped and dry skin, colds and flus... Is the thought of black ice and white snow giving you the blues? It needn't be. Being prepared can make winter an enjoyable and safe time of the year. Here's how...

Let it snow...

Love that white, fluffy stuff that covers the trails and slopes? What about all that snow that covers your driveway? A few tips on safe shovelling. more

Don't get stuck in the snow

Dread winter driving? Being prepared is the key. But would you know what to do if you got stranded or found yourself driving through heavy snow? more

Winter skin care

Dry, cold, harsh winter air presents challenges for your skin. Here are some winter-savvy skin survival tips. more

Rough sledding?

Did you know that sliding accidents send thousands of Canadian children to the emergency room? Don't let your child be one of them. more

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