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Prescription Refills

The pharmacy is still the heart of our business.

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Watch Video: How to use the Pharmacy Features on the App

Getting your prescriptions filled at London Drugs is simple, fast and easier than ever so you never have to be without the medications you need.

  • Refill using our London Drugs App

Download our App on Google Play or Apple App Store to conveniently fill your prescriptions on the go using Quick Refill or Live Prescription Profile access!

The App is private and confidential making it easy to fill your prescriptions and access your prescription profile discreetly.

What Quick Refill can do for you:

  • Simply enter your prescription number and phone number then hit submit – fast, easy and available 24/7
  • Specify whether you want prescription pickup at the pharmacy or have delivery right to your door
  • Real-time pharmacy communication that alerts if:
    • Your prescription order has been successfully submitted
    • Your refill request is too early, and when it can be refilled
    • Your prescription has expired
    • Your prescription has no refills and where applicable, your doctor will be contacted

Live Prescription Profile* access provides:

  • A convenient medication list whether you are visiting your family doctor or travelling out of the country
  • Caregivers with the ability to include all the people they care for on the App to keep track of their prescriptions
  • The shape, size, and colour of each medication
  • The dose and directions for each medication
  • Important medication information for each prescription
  • The last filled dates of each prescription and the quantity received
  • The number of prescription refills remaining
  • The expiry date for each prescription

*Speak to a London Drugs Pharmacist today to obtain credentials for your Live Prescription Profile access

  • Refill online

    Use London Drugs Online Prescription Refills to quickly send your prescription refill request directly to your preferred pharmacy.

  • Refill by phone

    You can call in your refill requests to your preferred London Drugs location. Our automated telephone refill system operates 24 hours a day, or you can call during store hours to speak with a pharmacy team member.

  • Refill in person

    Of course, you can always stop by the pharmacy the next time you visit your local London Drugs location, and our pharmacy staff will be happy to help you. Click here to find a store near you.

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