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Specialty Pharmacy

Driving the future of pharmacy.

Specialty Pharmacy

Over the years, new research has greatly improved the way we manage diseases through the development of new medications. We can now treat or better manage many conditions that we couldn't previously. However, due to the newer science behind these medications, they are often expensive and complex, requiring special education and training to use properly. Pharmacies that regularly dispense these medications are commonly referred to as "specialty pharmacy."

A specialty pharmacy provides products and services to patients who take medications with highly specialized requirements for shipping, handling, storage, dispensing, and administering. Specialty medications often cannot be found at your local pharmacy and may include injectable medications as well as medications taken orally and through infusion.

London Drugs Specialty Pharmacies provide comprehensive service to our patients, including:

  • Facilities equipped with medical-grade refrigerators and ambient temperature controls in order to maintain the cold chain. This ensures the medications are safely and properly stored
  • Strict observance of guidelines for shipping, handling, storage, dispensing, and administering of specialty medications
  • Counselling for patients on the safe use and storage of their specialty medications, along with advice for managing side effects and drug interactions
  • Coordination of benefits to help our patients get access to these medications in a timely manner

Specialty pharmacy is an evolving field, set up to meet the needs of patients who are receiving these medications. At London Drugs we strive to continually evolve our specialty pharmacy services to meet those needs.

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