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Osteoporosis Screening Clinic

Make the most of your health and wellness.

What is an Osteoporosis Screening Clinic?

At a London Drugs Osteoporosis Screening Clinic, you will receive a high-quality one-on-one screening to measure your bone strength and assess your risk for falls and fractures. The screening includes:

  • The FRAX assessment tool (developed by the World Health Organization)

  • A bone strength scan of the wrist using a Sunlight Omnisense® device - a safe, non-invasive ultrasound measurement tool

  • An assessment of your vitamin D and calcium intake, lifestyle factors, and existing medical conditions as they relate to your fracture risk

Taken together, this information will provide you with valuable insight about your potential risks so you can prevent further bone loss and avoid potential falls and fractures.

How will you benefit from an Osteoporosis Screening Clinic?

As we age, our bones lose strength. If this weakening reaches a certain degree, you may be diagnosed with osteoporosis. Since osteoporosis often has no noticeable symptoms, routine screenings are crucial to assess your risk. London Drugs Osteoporosis Screening Clinics make this simple, convenient, and affordable.

  • Your assessment will be high-quality. During a clinic visit, Patient Care Pharmacists use sophisticated technology and validated assessment tools to determine your risk level and help you set forth on a plan to reduce your risks and improve your health.

  • Your results will be available immediately. Using point-of-care testing, your London Drugs pharmacist can share the results of your osteoporosis screening with you right away.

  • Your care will be personalized. Your London Drugs pharmacist will work with you to address your specific risks and create an individualized prevention and action plan.

  • Your care will be consistent. If your results suggest an elevated risk, your pharmacist can communicate this to your physician in case there is a need for follow-up testing.

What to know before your Osteoporosis Screening Clinic visit

  • The measuring device and assessment tool are intended to screen those between 40 to 90 years old and not on medication treatment for osteopenia or osteoporosis.

  • A clinic visit generally takes about 45 minutes.

  • Bone strength scans are easy, quick, and painless.

  • Be sure to bring along all of your prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and any herbal remedies you currently take. This will help give your pharmacist a comprehensive view of your medication routine.

  • There is a $25 fee to attend this clinic. A tax receipt can be issued upon request.

How to book a visit to an Osteoporosis Screening Clinic

Osteoporosis Screening Clinics are available at select London Drugs locations. Book your appointment online or call your local London Drugs to ask when and where you can attend a clinic. Fees apply and may vary by location. A tax receipt can be issued upon request.

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