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Compression Stocking Fitting

The pharmacy is still the heart of our business.

What are compression stockings?

Compression stockings are a type of hosiery that help to prevent and treat certain venous disorders (varicose and spider veins, blood clots, leg ulcers, swelling, phlebitis). Compression stockings also provide relief from leg symptoms like aching, fatigue, and heaviness.

Your physician or physical therapist may have prescribed compression stockings for you, or you may be seeking to try out a pair of non-prescription stockings on your own.

Pharmacy staff members at select London Drugs locations are specially trained to help you find the right fit for prescription and non-prescription compression stockings. In a compression stocking fitting, the pharmacy staff member will show you how to wear your compression stockings for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

How you can benefit from a compression stocking fitting

Fit of compression stockings is very important. Having a specially trained London Drugs pharmacy staff member do a fitting will assure maximum comfort and effectiveness. Our staff members can also answer questions about safe use of compression stockings and availability of particular colours, styles, and compression levels.

How to use this service

  • Find your location. Call your local London Drugs to ask if compression stocking fitting service is available near you.

  • Set up an appointment. Since a compression stocking fitting requires a trained pharmacy staff member, it's best to call ahead to set up an appointment so you can plan ahead and make the most of your consultation time.

  • Prepare for your appointment. You will be fitted with stockings that may fit to the knee or thigh, so come dressed in clothing that allows for access to your leg. If you are being fitted for a pair of full pantyhose-style compression stockings, wear a dress or skirt.

  • Ask questions. Your London Drugs pharmacy staff member will instruct you in the safe and proper use of your compression stockings. Be sure to speak up and ask any questions you have about your stockings, including availability of styles and colours or any special ordering that might be necessary.

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