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Are you taking good care of your second largest organ in your body?

After your skin, the liver is the second largest organ in your body. It is important to maintain a healthy liver to do its job, including but not limited to cleansing your blood, regulating your supply of body fuel, essential vitamins and minerals, and manufacturing many of your essential body proteins.

Your everyday choices will affect your liver health. It is important not only to make healthy food choices and regular exercise, but also to properly store medications, supplements, and household cleaning chemicals out of reach of children. You can protect your liver while travelling or before starting a job at a higher risk of acquiring hepatitis by getting immunized against Hepatitis A and B. There are specialized tests to detect potential health problems in your liver, such as hepatitis C screening tests, fibroscan, and other blood works. 

To learn more about how to better take care of your liver or about various tests, visit Canadian Liver Foundation’s website at

What liver related program London Drugs offer?

Liver Health Clinic with Hepatitis C Screening London Drugs pharmacists and nurses at select locations offer Liver Health Clinic with Hepatitis C Screening, using OraQuick® Hepatitis C Virus Rapid Antibody Test Kit. You will get a chance to have one-on-one counselling on healthy living tips, an explanation of test results, and how to handle positive results. The screening test result will be shared with your doctor or other primary care provider (when available and requested) and London Drugs pharmacists and nurses will help those with a positive result to receive further testing and necessary treatment by a liver specialist. London Drugs pharmacy team will provide support throughout the journey to cure with multiple touch points.

Liver Beware Project Starting in April 2022, London Drugs have been involved in the Canadian Liver Foundation’s unique project, called Liver Beware Project. Using a portable imaging machine called Fibroscan, a technician measures the amount of scarring and excess fatty tissue in your liver and sends a test result to your family doctor.

For more information about 2023 program, visit

LiveRx Study and APPROACH Study With an expanded scope of practice in Alberta, our London Drugs pharmacists received training to participate in identifying people with hepatitis C infection and providing comprehensive hepatitis C care to people with chronic uncomplicated hepatitis C infection. These two studies are designed and led by hepatologists and other healthcare professionals.

To learn more about these studies, visit LiveRx website at and APPROACH website at

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