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Availability of pharmacist prescribing services may vary by location until we are fully operational. Please call the pharmacy to inquire about appointment availability. Thank you for your patience.

Pharmacist Prescribing Services


Alberta Pharmacists have been prescribing medications for over 15 years, the longest of any province in Canada. Pharmacists with an extra certification known as Additional Prescribing Authorization (APA), may assess patients for a number of conditions and prescribe medications if appropriate. They can also order lab tests when required.

3 Types of Pharmacist Prescribing Activities

(as defined by the Alberta College of Pharmacy)

  1. Initial access prescribing – prescribing when a patient chooses a pharmacist for advice about and treatment of minor, self-limiting or self-diagnosed conditions, about wellness programs, or in urgent or emergency situations

  2. Prescription modification—modifying a prescription written by another prescriber to alter dosage, formulation, regimen, or duration of the prescribed drug, or provide a therapeutic alternative to improve drug therapy or provide continuity of therapy

  3. Comprehensive drug therapy management—initiating, maintaining, modifying, or changing drug therapy based on referral from another health provider who has made the diagnosis or upon the request of the patient upon receiving a diagnosis.

For more information, visit the Alberta College of Pharmacy FAQ


Please note that a combination of walk-in and scheduled appointments may be available. Please contact your local London Drugs pharmacy for more information.

Examples of Minor Ailments

Alberta pharmacists are not limited to a specific list of conditions, but below are some examples of popular assessment requests.

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