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Diabetes: Managing Your Condition

Diabetes: Managing Your Condition

Diabetes is a serious condition that affects the body's ability to control its blood sugar levels. The good news is that it also responds well to your efforts: you can do a lot to combat diabetes by eating right, watching your weight, and listening to your doctor. We fill you in on fighting the body's "sugar war."

All about diabetes

In Canada, almost 2.7 million people have diabetes, and about 25% of those with the condition are unaware that they have it. more

Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes may involve taking insulin injections or oral diabetes medications, and monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly. more

Nutrition and exercise to control diabetes

You can help control diabetes with smart food choices and adequate physical activity. more

Monitoring blood glucose levels

A blood glucose meter is used to test blood glucose at home and determine whether blood glucose levels are in the target range. more

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