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Bodies in Love

Bodies in Love

Love is something you feel… and, like everything else you feel, your body is involved in it from beginning to end. Your body lets you know when you're in love, your body can be affected by love, and your body can even make loving more difficult. Find out more about your body in love.

Pheromones: Chemical attraction?

You can't see them, feel them, or smell them, but they may have a huge influence on whom you find attractive. more

Why love hurts

Falling in love is as much physical as emotional, so it's no surprise that the mind and body are affected when love is unrequited or a romance goes sour. more

Senior sex: Romance, Act Two

As more and more people are realizing, sex and romance don't stop after 60… or 70, 80, or 90. But how do you keep the passion blazing as time goes by? more

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