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COVID-19 Testing Clinics in Alberta

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Alberta Pilot Program

Alberta Pharmacists have a broad scope of practice that enables them to be at the forefront of patient care. As a result of the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association ongoing work with Alberta Health, a pilot program has been launched to allow pharmacists to conduct COVID-19 testing for Asymptomatic Albertans. The initial pilot (Phase 1) is limited to just 20 pharmacies across the province of Alberta. There will be two London Drugs locations participating at the launch of this pilot program: London Drugs Beddington Towne Centre, in Calgary and London Drugs Centre Village Mall, in Lethbridge.

As the pilot is evaluated and adjusted, it will be expanded to include other community pharmacies in a staged approach based on factors such as test kit availability, areas of COVID-19 outbreaks and geographical location. We anticipate additional London Drugs locations to participate in Phase 2 of this pilot. Our website will be updated as we have more information on additional locations.

What is a COVID-19 Testing Clinic?

Before London Drugs considered participation in this Asymptomatic testing program, we evaluated the safety of our staff first and foremost. The emphasis needs to be made that this is for Asymptomatic individuals only. Prior to any testing, individuals interested in Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing will be screened by the pharmacists to assess eligibility. Eligibility for the test hinges on the individual having no known symptoms AND no known exposure to COVID-19. It is important to note that anyone exhibiting any symptoms, or anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19, will be immediately referred to Health Link at 811, told to self-isolate and not come to the pharmacy.

How will you benefit from COVID-19 Screening?

Pharmacists are highly trained and strategically located across the province to help secure the restart of the economy and ensure the safety of our family, friends, patients and communities. Our staff and customers we encounter every day in our stores are good examples of individuals who may be interested in this program. With Phase 2 Alberta’s relaunch underway and rising number of cases throughout the province, London Drugs’ participating in this pilot will be critical to the ongoing health & wellness of Albertans. The short-term purpose of this program is to conduct enhanced COVID-19 surveillance to understand the prevalence in Alberta’s population. Long-Term the program may be used to create critical surge capacity for outbreak scenarios where local testing capacity is fully consumed by symptomatic testing.

What to know before your Clinic visit

The testing consists of a throat swab performed by a trained pharmacist and evaluated by the provincial lab. In the event of a positive result, the patient will be linked to care from Alberta Health Services where contact tracing will be performed.

We anticipate Phase 1 of the pilot program to start in both Calgary and Lethbridge on July 8th, 2020. A member of our pharmacy team will call you prior to the appointment to confirm eligibility for testing.

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