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Caregivers Support Program

Your London Drugs pharmacy can provide the following services


Teva Canada and London Drugs Pharmacy are committed to caring for caregivers. If you are a family member or friend providing unpaid care for a loved one with a health condition, then you are a caregiver. You may be handling everything just fine, you may have questions about the future, or you may feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities. Wherever you are in the care journey, we know that sometimes, caregivers can’t do it alone. That’s why we are committed to helping the millions of Canadians like you, who do the tireless, everyday work of providing care.

Ask your pharmacist for help. Select London Drugs locations have received training to make your care experience easier. That means it can offer support for the person in your care—and you. Ask your pharmacist about how to get started. Just say, “I’m caring for a loved one, and I could use some help.”

Tools to support you in the caregiver journey

London Drugs offers the following essential products in store and online

London Drugs also offers the following services:

Self-care for caregivers

Care Planning

Finding Help

  • Provincial and national caregiver support organizations

  • Patient groups

  • Government resources

Pharmacy services to make the caregiver journey smoother

Tips to create a safer home environment

How to get started on your caregiver support journey

Examples of how Caregivers can start the conversation with the pharmacy team while dropping off, picking up, or calling in a prescription:

Our partner: Teva Canada

  • Our partner in the Caregiver Support Program has created additional resources for caregivers, including many downloadable tools, power-of-attorney templates, caregiver stories and more.

  • Visit for support.

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