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COVID-19 Vaccinations

Make the most of your health and wellness.

Update for Alberta: August 23, 2021

Alberta Health in response to feedback from Albertans has created a central appointment system in order to streamline access to COVID-19 Vaccination appointments.

All individual booking platforms through various pharmacies, physician offices and Alberta Health have been consolidated into one platform. Effective August 23, 2021 the new Alberta Vaccine Booking System (AVBS) allows Albertans to view vaccine appointment availability across various sites. You can access this site here.

Updates for British Columbia: Aug 18, 2021

Select pharmacies in BC will soon be providing dose 1 and dose 2 of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccinations for people ages 12 and over. London Drugs in partnership with the Government of BC and the BC Pharmacy Association will be participating in a pilot program at select locations throughout the Lower Mainland only. A new dosing interval of minimum 28 days between dose 1 and 2 may be considered.

Appointments must be arranged through the BC Provincial Covid-19 booking system (not the London Drugs booking system)

How to make an appointment for Covid-19 vaccination at select London Drugs:

  • Online: Visit the BC Provincial Covid-19 booking system and select a London Drugs location in the drop-down menu (select locations, Lower Mainland only). How to get vaccinated for COVID-19 - Province of British Columbia (
  • BC Covid-19 Vaccination Call Centre - 1-833-838-2323 (translators available)
  • Telephone for the deaf: dial 711
  • Video Relay Services (VRS) SRV Canada VRS provides sign language interpretation free for registered deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired people.

BC Second Dose Schedule


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What is London Drugs’ role in COVID-19 vaccinations?

London Drugs certified injection pharmacists will administer the vaccine safely and effectively to people who are eligible as determined by federal and provincial governments.

When will COVID-19 vaccines be available in London Drugs for everyone?

A number of London Drugs locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have been selected by their provincial government to deliver COVID-19 immunizations to eligible individuals as per their province vaccine rollout phases. Click here to book now.

Who is prioritized to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

The Government of Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) provides advice to the Public Health Agency of Canada on priority of COVID-19 vaccination for population groups.

With this advice, provinces and territories have developed detailed COVID-19 immunization rollout plans for their residents including which population will receive the vaccine first. Click here to learn more.

For immunization rollout phases including timelines and eligibility, click on your respective province:

What COVID-19 vaccines have currently been approved?

  • Pfizer-BioNTech for 12 years of age and older as 2 doses
  • Moderna for 18 years of age and older as 2 doses
  • AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD for 18 years of age and older as 2 doses
  • Janssen for 18 years of age and older as a single dose
  • Check with your local health authority for the most up-to-date information about dosing intervals

Click here for more info on authorized COVID-19 vaccines.

Can COVID-19 vaccines be administered at different dosing intervals?

The recommendation is that the second dose of vaccine be administered as close as possible to the recommended interval. With recent limited vaccine supply and complex logistics for handling and storage, provincial health authorities may elect to individually adjust dosing intervals based on key considerations as per NACI guidance.

Is the vaccine safe?

Health Canada reviews COVID-19 vaccines and only vaccines that are safe and effective are approved for use in Canada.

What are the most common side effects?

The side effects are like what you might have with other vaccines, and include pain at the site of injection, body chills, feeling tired and feeling feverish.

These are common side effects of vaccines and do not pose a risk to health.

Get the facts on vaccine safety and vaccine side effects to help address your concerns

Is there a cost to the vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccines will be free.

Do I still need to practice social distancing and wear a mask if I receive a vaccine?

Building up immunity takes time. One dose of vaccine may not be enough to provide individual protection. You may need to get a second shot to allow your body to develop adequate immunity. We do not yet know what level of immunity in the population is sufficient to achieve community immunity. Until that time, Canadians should continue to wash their hands, stay home when sick, maintain physical distancing, wear a face mask as appropriate, and keep using good cough and surface hygiene.

Learn more about modes of COVID-19 transmission.

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